The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Program for Music Education and Community Outreach

בתי ספר יסודיים

Grades 3-6

"Hyden, Mozart, Beethoven" - Concert for grades 4-5
"Hyden, Mozart, Beethoven" - Concert for grades 4-5

3rd to 6th grade students participate in a comprehensive program of music education. Over a three-year period, each child attends six Philharmonic morning concerts with repertoire specifically tailored to his age group. The programs are composed from highlights of the symphonic repertoire.

Each semester the students learn a number of pieces. After they study those pieces with their music teacher, an ensemble of IPO players arrives at the classroom along with a moderator, to play arrangements of the orchestral pieces. At the end of the semester all the students attend a special IPO concert, played just for them at the Mann auditorium.

In the season 2006-2007 the children will learn the following repertoire:

1st semester:

2nd semester:

Grades 1-2

All colors of the Rainbow
"All colors of the Rainbow"

1st and 2nd grade students get two chamber concerts per year, and study the pieces with their music teachers. The 1st semester concert will be held in the school - "On Sound and Rhythm".

The 2nd semester concert will be held in an auditorium and will feature an original piece, commissioned by KeyNote, "All colors of the Rainbow", composed by Robert Mozes, lyrics: Uzi Shalev (both are IPO members).

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